How to Host a Galentine’s Brunch on a Budget

During this time of year, it’s just as important to get some quality time with your girlfriends as it is your boo! What better way to celebrate Galentine’s Day than by hosting a babe-filled brunch for your closest friends?

With Vday just around the corner – I’m sharing tips on how you can host a sweet & simple Galentine’s brunch without breaking the bank. Continue reading for all my tips & tricks to make it happen!

Send the Invite

First things first, be sure to send an invite. I recommend sending a Paperless Post (this one is free and SO cute!) to keep costs down. You could even go as simple as a group email. But get a date on the books!

Estimated cost: Nada

Plan the decor

Once you know how many girls will be attending, plan your table setting & decor. Below, I’m sharing the pink & white Galentine’s table I put together this year that you can easily replicate!

The centerpiece: For the centerpiece, I used my glass cake-stand as the base to give it some height. I bought two bunches of mini-roses and one bunch of hydrangeas from a local florist. I cut down the roses and filled 8 mini-vases with about 4-5 roses each so they were full. After that, I cut down the hydrangeas and put them in a slightly larger vase, and placed it in the middle of the mini vases filled with roses to complete the look.

Estimated cost: $35 for three bunches of flowers

The napkins: I went with a classic white napkin that has a pale-pink scalloped edge, and folded them to look like little Valentine envelopes! See step-by-step instructions below on how you can fold a napkin to look like an envelope. It’s so easy to do, and you can use whatever napkins you have on hand!

Inside the napkin, you can either write & insert Valentines to your friends, or you can include your menu! It’s a fun little surprise when they open it!

Estimated cost: $15 at Homegoods

The sweets: To top off each place setting, I picked up some cute heart-shaped sour gummies wrapped in cellophane bags from target – and placed them at each setting as small goodie for the gals to take home.

Estimated cost: $15 for six at Target

Dress up your bar

Once your table is complete, set up your bar area or dress up your bar cart if you have one. You can do so by simply having some rosé (or a fun pink cocktail of your choice!) on ice, glassware, straws, cocktail napkins, flowers, and a cute garland.

Estimated cost: $40 for two bottles of rosé, cocktail napkins, straws and garland at Target

Plan the menu

Last, but not least, think about what you’re going to serve! This is always one of my favorite things to do. I recommend having few options for your babes to choose from! Some may be nursing a hangover, while others may be coming from Soul Cycle, so offering a variety of dishes to fulfill different cravings is a nice thing!

Estimated cost: $50 for ~three dishes

  • The sweet option: If you’re not a baker (which I am not!) Trader Joe’s Caramel Cinnamon Monkey Bread is a great option. It’s a fluffy, delicious, pull-apart load of bread that will not let you down!
  • The savory option: Don’t spend your time slaving in the kitchen – make this mini-egg frittatas in muffin tins ahead of time.
  • The healthy option: Strawberry yogurt parfait, or an acai bowl.
  • The heart-shaped options: If you want to go all-in, anything heart shaped is fun. You can use a heart-shaped cookie cutter on toast and cook an egg inside of it, make heart-shaped waffles, or even make heart shaped butter to go with bread!
    • How? Let your butter soften, then mold it into the heart shape cookie cutter on a plate and place in the fridge over night to serve in the AM! Options are endless here.
  • The drink options: Cranberry or Grapefruit Mimosas, Ice-Tea + Pink Lemonade, Grapefruit or Berry LaCroix, sparkling or regular rosé, the list goes on…

Are you planning to get together with your girlfriends for Galentine’s Day? If so, share your plans and ideas below!

2 thoughts on “How to Host a Galentine’s Brunch on a Budget

  1. Such great ideas! The Paperless Post invites are so cute. Also, love the plates – did you get them just for Vday? I love the idea of themed plates, but it’s tough to have plates that suit all decorating needs! Way to many


    1. Thank you!! It’s so funny you ask, I was just having a conversation about this! Agree it’s tough to store several plate sets (especially with limited space living in the city)!!

      I try not to purchase many “one day use” items, like plates with Vday hearts on them, or Easter plates with bunnies on them for example because then you’re pretty much restricted to using them one day a year! Instead, I try to go for colored plates that I could use for multiple occasions — so these pink ones could be used for any spring or summer table, Mother’s Day, baby showers, valentines, you name it!

      Another more cost effective option instead of investing in multiple dinner plate sets is to keep the dinner plate white (classic!), and switch up your salad plates to add a pop of color — or your napkins and table clothes.

      This is why I always recommend investing in a white set China set that will go with everything! No matter what color scheme you’re doing, they’ll work and you can add color with the flowers, linens, and other decor! 🙂


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